Get a better Idea for what Skiing can offer you...

Skiing is a much loved sport throughout the world. Feel the rush of icy air as you attach your skies to your boots and glide atop of the glistening snow-capped mountains. Not only does it offer fun for all the family, there are many health bonuses that are associated with skiing. Did you know that skiing for 6 hours can help you to burn around 3,000 calories and boot your immune system?

Below are some other ways that skiing can help improve your health:

Tones your stomach muscles: To maintain your balance on the slopes, core muscles need to be used. When these muscles are straightened it helps to tone your stomach and stabilise your spine.

Works your muscles: While skiing works all major muscles, it targets your outer and inner thighs, buttock muscles and the hamstrings because it is done in a crouching position. Skiers are advised to start by warming up before they start in order to avoid suffering from muscle soreness.

Keeps you active: Skiing is a great sport to keep your mind and body engaged in activity. No matter what level of skier you are and regardless of the speed you go at you are always on the move, keeping your key muscles active.

Clears your skin:  Feel the wind on your face as you race down the slopes. The outdoor, fresh mountainous air is something that everyone enjoys; not only is it a great way to clear your mind, it helps keep you skin healthy and also gives you a lovely sun-kissed glow. 

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